Mission Statement
Air Quality Management Services, LLC is dedicated to providing
comprehensive Consulting Services to our clients to ensure a safe, healthy
and productive environment.  AQM acts in a professional manner at all times
for employers and clients as a faithful agent or trustee.

AQM's Commitment

All inspections and testings are conducted in accordance with standards and
practices recognized by the US EPA, AIHA, ACAC, IAQA, OSHA, ACGIH,
and the IICRC, among other nationally recognized standards and practices.
1st State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor - #MRSA-1

AQM's Staff have been in business providing quality services to the public for
over 26 years.  We bring our experience to you, so that you can have the
confidence when making important decisions about Health, Safety, Comfort
and investments that affect your business and family life.
AQM Provides Comprehensive Services

  • Industrial Hygiene Monitoring / Occupational Exposure Assessments
  • Water Damage Inspections / Mold & Bacteria Testing
  • Forensic Building Assessments
  • Insurance Moisture Damage Characterizations / Documentation
  • Bio-Remedial Recommendations / Documentation / Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Evaluations
  • Infrared (IR) Thermography Surveys
  • Pre-Remedial and Post Remedial Testing
  • Cause & Origin Investigations
  • Mechanical Ventilation System Evaluations
  • Building System Evaluations
  • Home and Property Inspection Services

AQM has assisted:

  • Hospitals, Schools, State Agencies, Commercial, Manufacturing
  • Emergency Response Teams
  • Real Estate Professionals / Agents / Brokers
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Remediation Companies
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Home Sellers / Home Buyers
  • Property Owners / Managers


  • Quick Response and Professional Services
  • Property Loss Assessments - Loss Characterizations
  • Remedial Reports, Plans and Documentation
  • Laboratory Results with Fast Turnaround Times
  • Cost Containment, Minimizing Remedial Impact
  • Experience and Certified Professionals
  • Professional Witness Testimony
  • Peace of Mind for You and/or Your Clients

Our company is dedicated to assisting the people of Western Florida with a
full range of "Industrial Hygiene Testing Services".  Your Air Quality is our
business.  AQM is fully Licensed, Certified, and Insured.
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Serving Western Florida
AQM Practical Science for Health, Safety & Comfort

Air Quality Management Services, LLC
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor - MRSA #1