Air Quality Management Services, LLC is dedicated to providing
comprehensive Health and Safety consulting services to our clients. AQM
acts in a professional manner at all times for employers and clients as a
faithful agent or trustee.

State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor - #MRSA-1

Service Clients

Industrial Hygiene Services:  AQM has extensive experience in Indoor Air
Quality (IAQ) evaluations, Employee Exposure Assessments, Assisting in
Workers Comp Investigations, OSHA Compliance, Respiratory Protection,
and more.  

Insurance Companies:  Forensic Investigations, Water-Damage Investigations,
Mold / Bacteria Remediation Assessments, and Cause & Origin

Cleaning/Restoration Companies: Water–damage and Mold Remediation
Assessments and Post Remedial Evaluations / Verifications.

Homeowners/Business Owners:  Indoor Air Quality Testing, Exposure Testing,
Forensic Investigations & Remedial Assessments.

Health Care Industry:  AQM has extensive experience in patient care
environments.  Our services include; Indoor Air Quality Testing, employee
exposure assessments for Latex, Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde, Ethylene
Oxide, Nitrous Oxide, Bioaerosols (airborne bacteria and fungi), and surface
biological contaminants.  

AQM understands the specific challenges working in a health care
environment with discretion and confidentiality being maintained at all
times.  AQM has extensive Operating Room testing experience
understanding proper OR etiquette and sterile procedures.

Home and Real Estate Property Assessments:  AQM is fully trained and
provides Environmental Inspections and Industrial Hygiene Services to Home
buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Professionals, Commercial Concerns,
Condo Owners, and more.  
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Studies
  • Bioaerosols (Mold / Bacteria / Dusts)
  • Gases
  • Vapors
  • Ventilation Assessments
  • Lighting

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring
  • Biologicals
  • Chemicals
  • Dusts
  • Noise

  • Site Hazard Assessments
  • Site Safety Health Officer
  • Project monitoring
.Infrared (IR) Camera

  • Water Intrusion Source Identifications / Detailing
  • HVAC Duct Air Leakage / Performance
  • Sub-Surface Heat Source(s)
  • Building Envelope Inspections
  • Roof Leaks & Moisture / Thermal Loss
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) Inspections
  • Moisture Intrusion/Condensation
  • Verification of Construction Detail
  • Drying Verifications
Our Services
Infrared (IR) Detection for Roof Leaks
AQM can provide a wide range of
services to our Client's with cost
effective approaches and common
sense, practical solutions.  Call us to
discuss your needs.  
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Air Quality Management Services, LLC
State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor - MRSA #1